Monday, May 2, 2011

MPOC Sultan Kedah's Cup

Im all pump up...... This weekend... time for us to shine =) agin...hehe
Kedah here We come!! 

Mask on Socks Off!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Excuse me....Dust in here is more then what i had on top of my desk :P LOL..
Im just as surprise as you guys/gals are right now i think *eyes rolling* for updating my blog(which make no sense at all)

Anyway,let me briefly tell you what had really happened to me lately...erm, basically I had started my studies and lots of paintballl happening ...
Mostly paintballs and kinda forget that i have a blog.....
O ya, Im HAPPY now...
Loads of wonderful stuff happen to me after those nightmares and I manage to attend my sister's graduation at westminister London ....Oh YEa!! HEll lot of fun...

I think ill start to post more about my paintball life...cuz ehem! *champion * :P
My brain is still stuck thats why i cant figure out what to write and this is freaking awkward!! im sorry but ...I promise that Ill post much more interesting stuff next time.. or i shall say everyday if i could make it without coming home at 4 in the morning ??? :P
whatever it is ... Ciaozai for now... bcause i wanna sleep .... let me show u people something =)

Justin Timberlake vs Justin Timberfake =)

Peace Out!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New year New life.... hmmm
2010 was kinds sucky for me..especially the last few months....
Oh well,everything is over..and I have so much more fun after all those shit ....
Euro Trip was Excellent... =) 

lets see.... hmm....whatever post i had before this...just forget it ... because from now on... Im the Happy go lucky park leng ^^ 
and er.... Chinese new year is coming...tomorrow is thaipusam... so ENJOY everyone ^^ 
Enjoy year 2011 ! Begin now....stop staying at home and procrastinate..... assignment ?? screw it..u should have done that 1 day before the due date...people grow up and ENJOY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Paintball again ^^

19th June 2010...
Awesome day because I went paintball with all my dearest friends... ^^ 
Pictures are not ready..but i have pictures of My BEst moment of the day.. LOL

I point this pictures credit to Chin Jun HIn! 
HE is the one who give me such awesome memories..LOL
damn niceee
lets see

This is my hand not my leg.. lOL

Blister around the wound..Niceeeee ?? heheehhee...
I realize it is bloody disgusting ...ew~~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can't wait

Tomorrow is my last day of  A'levels
Hope that i will not continue my A'levels again. :(
Trust in myself ^^ 

Law of contract (Done)
Law of Tort (Done)
Business Studies P1 & P2 (Done)
Business Studies P3 (???)

After tomorrow I can rest for 3 months....Oh Yeah Baby!!
 Damn! calculation haven do...shit...
I shall start being productive now.. 
ciaoz ! 

O yeah... 
Paintball anyone??

Monday, May 24, 2010

ISSC 2010

Awesome weekend I had ...
I think it is one of my best....or i shall say..this is my beginning...
International Super Seven Championship(ISSC) 2010 has ended..with a tremendous result...
Especially in Division 4 : Young Guns

1st - CMX Badai ( My team ^^ )
2nd - MDP Tornado
3rd - Riverside Syndicate
4th - Prolintas Legion X

Thanks to all my team mates that trusted well as how much i trusted you guys out there on the WarZone ^^

Thanks to Nazim >> He is the one who asked me to join this tournament with him and he is really good player... perfect Dorito player
Thanks to Naaim >> Team captain and perfect backlot player...really good backup

Thanks to Poison Smoke >> awesome game play...even though you did not join us for finals..but we played as if you are there with us...

Thanks to Apek>> Hero of our team (CMX BADAI) in getting the gold medal during the 2nd round against Tornado in FINALS

Thanks to Wan >> Covered much and supporting...solid defence

Thanks to Firdaus >> Backing up me and nazim with his back player skills..If not im dead each game... :P
Thanks to Jab >> Substitute with Smoke after smoke left for meeting..Hope in Semi-final and Final
 had increase because he is also one of the best in D4 CMX BADAI

Pictures time 

Day 1 : everyone is getting ready ...

Werdna Hols Booth 

My awesome team 
Ps:Ignore that head :P

My team members
Sitting > Naaim(captain)
Right > Jab
Left >I don't know :P

Members of Division 2 are having discussion...CMX!!! 




ME !!!


Monday, May 17, 2010


I felt kinda nervous tho..
because im going to join ISSC 2010 this weekend...for the 1st time..paintball tournament...
But im excited also...LOL....
ANy PB players out there..that know me...please say Hi to me when you are there this weekend... ^^ 

Venue : Dataran Petaling Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor